We plan ahead for almost everything: weddings, vacations, education, social events, and retirement. But, because some prefer not to think about it, we delay pre-planning our final wishes for our funeral. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility to our surviving family.

Planning ahead makes good sense. why?

  • For peace of mind knowing your decisions are made and completed
  • To take the time in creating a personalize funeral, you should find the advice of your family and your funeral director especially helpful when considering the options.
  • To reduce the emotional stress and financial burden of surviving family members
  • To protect life insurance proceeds and additional assets for uses other than Funeral Expenses.

On the form below, please complete as much information as you feel comfortable to get started. There are a few required items, but once you complete that you can scroll to the bottom of the form and click complete. We will contact you soon to review your plan with you.

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